FastCopy ver3.91

2020/08/02 H.Shirouzu and FastCopy Lab, LLC.


1. About
2. License
3. Environment
4. Installation
5. Usage & Main Window
6. Settings
7. Command Line
8. Warning
9. Support Forum/Latest Version
10. Misc (setting file, etc.)
11. History

1. About

FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Backup Software on Windows.

It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH (260 characters) file pathnames.

It automatically selects different methods according to whether Source and DestDir are in the same or different HDD(or SSD).
Diff HDDReading and writing are processed respectively in parallel by separate threads.
Same HDDReading is processed until the big buffer fills. When the big buffer is filled, writing is started and processed in bulk.

Reading/Writing are processed with no OS cache, so other applications do not become slow.

It can achieve Reading/Writing performance that is close to the device limit.

Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified. ver3.0 or later, Relative Path can be specified.

It runs fast and does not hog resources, because MFC is not used. (Designed using Win32 API and C Runtime only)

ver3.0 or later, FastCopy's settings file has been renamed from FastCopy.ini to FastCopy2.ini.

2. License

FastCopy ver3.x Copyright(C) 2004-2020 by SHIROUZU Hiroaki and FastCopy Lab, LLC.

This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the GNU General Public License version 3.

(Due to various circumstances, distribution of the source code is temporarily suspended ... Please use FastCopy as freeware with no guarantee)

xxHash Library Copyright (c) 2012-2020, Yann Collet All rights reserved.
License details.

3. Environment

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Windows Server 2012(&R2)/2016/2019

4. Installation


Please run FastCopy3xx_installer.exe, and install it in a new directory.
If you want to install in USB memory or etc, please use "Extract" button in installer.
run with /h option, it shows the installer options. (/silent, /extract or etc)


In Win7 or later, you can uninstall from "Apps & features (or Program and Features)".
Or you can use setup.exe located in the installed directory.
run with /r /silent option, it means silent uninstallation.

5. Usage & Main Window

Main window when minimized appears in task notification area.
When running, various statuses are displayed.
(Inside the file number's parentheses is the number of directories.)

Source / DestDir

FastCopy retains the history of 10 entries in Source/DestDir. (This can be increased or decreased in the Option | Main settings dialog.)
If you want to specify two or more files/dirs in the Source field, please describe a pathname line by line.
If you want to add files/dirs to the Source field by using drag and drop, simply drop while pushing CTRL.

You can also drag & drop to DestDir field.

The behavior depends on whether or not '\' is the end of DestDir.

1. The last character of DestDir is '\' Copy Source directory, including itself, to DestDir.
2. The last character of DestDir is NOT '\' Copy Source directory's contents to DestDir.
However, if multiple directories are specified in Source, the behavior will be changed to 1.

(mini tips) If you want to copy Source directory's contents to the DestDir that is specified drive root, please append "*" to Source directory.
For example, if Source is "C:\Folder1\*" and DestDir "D:\", the result is D:\(Contents_of_Folder1)

Operation mode

Diff (No Overwrite) Copy if the same filename does not exist in destination.
Diff (Size/date) Copy if size or date is different, or if it does not exist (in default)
Diff (Newer) Copy if source file timestamp is newer or does not exist.
Copy (Overwrite) Always copy/overwrite all.
Sync (Size/date) Copy if size or date is different, or it does not exist.
In addition, delete all destination files/directories that do not exist in Source.
Move (Overwrite) Always copy/overwrite all and delete all copied source files.
(To change select "Move (Overwrite all)" → "Move (Size/date)" in the settings dialog.)
Delete Delete all files/dirs forcibly.

Buttons & Options

Execute The copy operation is executed. While executing, the button changes to "Cancel..." button.
- While pushing CTRL, the confirmation dialog is displayed.
Listing The files and directories list that will be copied and deleted are displayed. '+' means copying, and '-' means deleting.
- While pushing CTRL (button label "listing" → "listing+v"), compare the file pairs that will be skipped (except skipping by filter).
- While pushing Shift (and if filelog is enabled), write listing contents to filelog. (If FileDate/FileSize option in log settings is enabled, this information will be shown/written)
Buffer size Show the size(MB) of the main buffer for Read/Write operations. If it is clicked, setting dialog will be opened.
Speed Control Specify "Full Speed", "Auto Slow"(*1), "90%"~"10%", "Suspend".
If you feel it is hogging resources, it is recommended to set to "Auto Slow" (If mouse movement is detected, or active window is changed (and FastCopy window is not in the foreground), it will be slowed down).
If "Full Speed" is not selected, low process priority class is set.
(This setting is not saved by job manage)
NonStop Don't interrupt even if errors occur by Read/Write/Delete, and keep processing as much as possible.
(However, errors are displayed in the main window, and recorded in the error log.)
Verify Verify written files data by xxHash3 (MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/xxHash).
(If you want to use MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/xxHash, it can be selected in Copy/Move Options of settings.)
Action detail: Read(Src) → xxHash(Src) → Write(Dst) → Read(Dst) → xxHash(Dst) → Compare xxHash(Src/Dst) (All actions are processed in parallel as much as possible)

if verify error occurs, hash values of src/dest are shown, and it is renamed dest-filename with .fc_verify_err.
(Depending on the setting, it can be removed it instead of renaming)
VerifyInfoList (Shown while pushing CTRL key)
Enumerates files that contains the AltStream(:fc_verify) under the Source and show its contents.
(=The AltStream is added with verified-copy if "Add VerifyInfo" option is enabled.)

If you want to check VerifyInfoList immediately after verified-copy, it requires to use Settings → Swap Source ⇔ DestDir, because VerifyInfoList checks under the "Source" (not DestDir).
(If pushing Shift key in addition, this list will also be written in the file log.)
Estimate Display the estimated complete time. This will make FastCopy investigate files/dirs to be copied, before starting.
Start at once Start at once without waiting for other FastCopy instances executing to finish. (This button does not show when another FastCopy is not copying.) (parallel running)
(*1) It is slowed down if the FastCopy window is not in the foreground and mouse movement is detected, by waiting between I/O, changing process priority, changing I/O priority, and changing maximum I/O size.

ACL Copy Access Control List (ACL). (Only applicable to NTFS)
(It is recommended to use with Administrative privilege)
In addition, Extended Attribute(EA) will also be copied.
Alt Stream Copy Alternate Stream. (Only applicable to NTFS)
Wipe & Delete (prevent deleted files reviving) Rename filename and Overwrite random data before deleting. Alternate stream is not overwritten. If NSA method is checked in setting dialog, Overwriting Random data process runs twice, and overwriting NULL data process runs once.

Filter Options

It can Include/Exclude the copy target files/directories that match/unmatch by filters.
Select the "listing" button to confirm the copy target files/directories list.

Include Only files or directories that match the specified string (UNIX wildcard format is allowed) will be copied.
Include filter strings can be specified (UNIX wildcard format). (Note)
If you want to specify two or more strings, please use semicolon as separator.
If you want to specify directories, please add '\' to the end of directory name.

Ex1) *.txt → a.txt, 123.txt or etc files will match
Ex2) [^ax]bc → bbc or etc files will match, but not abc or xbc
Ex3) dir[0-9][234] → dir12 or etc will match, but not dir1 or dir10
Exclude Don't copy files/directories that match the specified strings.
The following filters are enabled when "Option" → "Show Extended filter" is checked.
FromDate Don't copy files with timestamps older than a specified date(format).
This can be specified by not only absolute format ("20090322" or "2016/09/26 12:30:56") but also by relative format (10 days before ... "-10D").
ToDate Don't copy files with timestamps newer than this specified date.
MinSize Don't copy the files with sizes that are smaller than the specified size.
High number can be abbreviated using K/M/G/T character (Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera).
MaxSize Don't copy the files with sizes bigger than the specified size.

Note 1) In delete mode, it does not delete directories when "only files and not directories" are specified in the Include field.
Note 2) When one or more files are specified in the Include field, files that do not match are not copied.
Note 3) When one or more directories are specified in the Include field, directories that do not match are not copied.

Relative path filter If the first character of Include/Exclude string items is not '\', it will be Relative path filter. This mode is tail matching policy.
Example of the directory Include
Match examples C:\dir\subdir2\xxx\
EffectMatched directories and all under them will be copied.
Example of the file Include
Match examples C:\dir\aaa\subdir2\file.txt
EffectMatched files will be copied.
Forward match filter If the start character of Include/Exclude string items is '\', it will be Forward match filter. This mode is head → tail matching policy.

For example, if Source is C:\aa\, and you want to exclude C:\aa\bb\cc\, Forward match filter is \bb\cc\.
Remove Source (C:\aa\) from the path you want to exclude (C:\aa\bb\cc\) and add \ at the beginning to indicate a forward match.
Example of the directory Include
Match examples C:\dir\subdir2\xxx\
EffectMatched directories and all under them will be copied.
Note (unmatch example)C:\dir\aaa\subdir2\xxx\ ... different hierarchy.
Example of the file Include
Match examples C:\dir\subdir2\file.txt
EffectMatched files will be copied.
Note (unmatch example)C:\dir\aaa\subdir2\file.txt ... different hierarchy.
Absolute path filter If the first character of Inlcude/Exclude starts with a drive letter (for example, C:\) or a UNC path (for example,\ \server \volume\), it is an absolute path specification.
The absolute path must include the source path.
Internally, it is converted to a forward match specification. (The absolute path minus the following "Start point of filter check" is registered as a prefix match)
Start point of filter check
If Source is either C:\src\, C:\src\file.txt or C:\src\dir*, the start point(beginning) of the filter check will be C:\src\

Include/Exclude filter(wildcard) format.
*Zero or more arbitrary characters
?One arbitrary character
[abc]One character in "abc"
[!abc]One character except "abc".
'^' can also be used instead of '!'.
[a-z]One character in ""
\'\' as Start character means Forward match filter. The middle of '\' is separator of path items. In addition, the end of '\' means "This is a filter item for directory". However, '\' in character class([]), it means escape character.

FromDate/ToDate filter format.
AbsoluteSpecify "YYYYMMDD[hhmmss]"(year/month/day/hours/minutes/seconds).
ex) "20090322" or "2016/09/26 12:30:56"
RelativeSpecify "+|- number W|D|h|m|s".
W|D|h|m|s means Weeks/Days/hours/minutes/seconds.
ex) "-12h" (This is case sensitive.)

Junction and SymLink

Junction(include MountPoint) and Symlink is supported in ver1.70 or later.
Diff/Copy Copy Junction/Symlink itself.
If you want to change the copy Junction/Symlnk's target(not Junction/Symlnk itself), it can be changed in the options settings
Move Always move Junction/Symlink itself.
Delete Always delete Junction/Symlink itself.
HardLink can be reproduced as much as possible, when Copy/Move Options or /linkdest option is specified.
(The display of "TotalFiles:" changes from "number_of_files (number_of_dirs)" to "number_of_files / number_of_created_hardlinks (number_of_dirs)").

Two very important notes:
1. It needs 2-4MB per 10 thousand hardlink files. (It depends on path length)
2. The speed will drop, because all files are opended to obtain the number of links.

If /linkdest option is enabled, /recreate option is enabled tacitly.


Open LogOpen FastCopy.log
Open LastFileLog If it is checked Write to FileLog, open the last finished filelog.
FileLogHistory If it is checked Write to FileLog, open filelog history.
Open FastCopy DirOpen the user directory of FastCopy
Save as Init PosSave position as initial FastCopy window.
Save as Init SizeSave size as initial FastCopy window
Always &Top MostAlways display at the top most
CloseClose FastCopy


HelpShow this help
Check Update Access and check to require to update.
Support ForumQuestions/Opinions about FastCopy
Latest VersionOpen FastCopy WebPage
About FastCopyShow Version and Copyright


Elevate administrative privilege. If it is, the title bar will show "(Admin)".

Other menu items

6. Settings

Settings → Main Settings

Main settings. (change Default values, I/O parameters, and Copy Options, etc.)


Specify default parameters for Main Window
Default parameters for Main WindowThe detail is this.
LanguageChange Language. (need to restart)

I/O settings

fundamental parameter of I/O
Main Buffer (MB) Specify main buffer size for reading/writing.
I/O unit (MB)Parallel Read/Write request unit size for OS.
"I/O unit" * "OverLap I/O Num" is the (effective) Max I/O size for OS.
1MB I/O unit size is the best performance for many environments, especially if network drive is used.
(Buffer size must be at least twice the Max I/O Size)
OverLap I/O NumI/O performance(especially network drive) is improved by using overlapped ReadFile/WriteFile I/O.
(If it is specified "1", it will not be used overlapped I/O)
MinSectorSize is regarded as 4KB If destination drive are 512B sector HDD that has mounted 4KB sector HDD, please check this.

OS Cache settings
Use OS buffer for readingIt does not use DirectI/O. OS is likely to be slow/heavy, it can not be recommended.
Use OS buffer for writingIt does not use DirectI/O, if the filesize is under the specified size(KB)
The disadvantages are the same as for reading. It will be faster for only very small files that use Direct I/O because of less head seeking time.

Directory Fetch
Enable Large fetch mode (Win7 or later only)Enable FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH flag and improve directory fetch performance.

Drive Group

Settings of physical drive group (*1)
FastCopy detects physical drive group automatically. However, in some situation(RAID,TrueCrypt or etc.), it can not detect automatically and it requires manual settings.
Manual settings of physical drive group
AboutSpecify same physical drive group.
FormatIf C: and D: are the same physical HDD, and E: and F: are the same, please specify "CD,EF"
If you use UNC path, you can assign the drive letter for UNC or specify set decision policy below.

Physical drive group decision policy of network drive
DetailsNetwork drives are in the same physical HDD(or SSD) or not
This decision policy always uses UNC name even if it is specified as the drive letter that is a network drive (*2)
Same UNC_share are same physical drive group.If UNC name is \\Server1\vol1\, \\Server1\vol1\ is the same physical HDD group, and \\Server1\vol2\ is not the same.
Same UNC_server are same physical drive groupIf UNC name is \\Server1\vol1\, \\Server1\ is the same physical HDD group, and \\Server2\... is not the same.
All UNC_server are same physical drive groupAll Network drives are the same HDD group
(*1) If Parallel Read/Write are issued in the same physical HDD, it will be slow because many HDD head seeks will occur. So FastCopy has two running modes as same or diff HDD mode.
(*2) If your network bandwidth is not enough, it is recommended to choose "All UNC_server are same"

Parallel running

Specifying the number of parallel running FastCopy.
Max number of running FastCopy procs If a lot of of instances of FastCopy are running in parallel, it requires much memory and CPU resource.
If another FastCopy already running uses the same physical HDD, FastCopy will wait for the previous FastCopy to finish.
Manual settings physical drive group is available.
Don't wait for another FastCopy running to finish(Ignore the above settings) It always starts quickly.

Copy/Move Options

Copy/Move options
Don't create empty directory, if "filter" is checked After using the filter, if there isn't a file for copying, FastCopy won't make directories.
Use a modified name, if destdir is the same as src's parent If DestDir is the same as src's parent directory, create a new name like "source(1)" and continue
Copy Junction/Symlink as Junction/Symlink(not target) Copy Junction/Symlink as Junction/Symlink.
If this check is off, it will be copy Junction/Symlink's target directory/file (*1)
(This option is ignored in "move" or "delete" mode)
Note: It requires administrator privilege to create Symlink
Shared open Dest on Copy/Move (a little dangerous) Opens the write destination non-exclusive. This increases the possibility that you can write to a file that is open by another process, but the file contents can be corrupted if another process writes to it.
Reproduce Hardlink

Reproduce hardlink as much as possible. (details)

Change "Move(Overwrite)" to "Move(Date/Size)" If there is a file with the same date and size as the move destination, it is deleted from the move source without copying.
Move one by one Normally it won't delete original files until the move files list is full.
This option changes the behavior to "a file has copied, and remove copied source file"
Move one by one (verify) It is the same as "Move one by one" except "remove copied source files" → "remove verified source files"
Tolerance at the timestamp comparisonSpecify tolerance timestamp difference as same date in Diff(Date/Size) or Diff(Newer).
Normally, FastCopy corrects timestamp difference on the different filesystem(NTFS timestamp precision is 100ns, FAT is 2sec or etc.), automatically.
However, some NAS timestamp precision is very strange, so manual settings(in msec) are available.
(*1)For example, "C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Application Data" points to "C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local". If you try to copy this with "Copy Junction/Symlink as Junction/Symlink" disabled, it will infinitely recurse. (C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\...). Therefore, be careful when you disable "Copy Junction/Symlink as Junction/Symlink".

Verify Options

Verify options
Hash mode (for verify) Select Hash mode (xxHash/MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/xxHash3) for verifying.
If a verify error occurs,
delete the file instead of renaming to .fc_verify_err
(Same as left)
Add VerifyInfoThe AltStream(:fc_verify) is added at completion of the verified copy.
(To detect silent data destruction)

 {done=complete date and time, ftime=file date and time, size=size, xxHash=Hash value}
In the case of a verification error, it will look like this
 {error=complete date and time, ... , xxHash(src=hash value, dst=hash value)}

This information is displayed in the main window when you press the Ctrl key, which is called "VerifyInfoList, which can be read by You can.

Delete options

Delete options.
Try to delete directory, even if "Filter" is checked. By default, it does not delete directory, if "Filter" is checked.
If it is checked, it always tries to delete directories. (attention)
Use NSA method for Wipe & Delete option If "Wipe & Delete" option is used, it is overwritten 3 times (random-data 2 times and zero-data 1 time), before renaming and deleting

Log Settings

Log Settings
Number of history items for Source/DestDirneed to restart FastCopy
Write to Error logLogging error message to FastCopy.log
Use UTF-8 in ErrlogUsing UTF-8 character in FastCopy.log. Otherwise using MBCS.
Write to File LogCreating Log\(date).log and logging to all copied/deleted/error files.
FileDateLogging file timestamp
FileSizeLogging file size
Write ACL errors to Error LogSometimes, many errors will occur in non NTFS (Samba, or etc.)
Write AltStream errors to Error LogSometimes, many errors will occur in non NTFS (Samba, or etc.)

The meaning of the symbols in the log.
+Create file / directory
-Delete file / directory
->Create Symblic-link/Junction
=>Create Hardlink
!!Verify error (mismatch of hash value)

Shell Extension

Enable/Disable Shell Extension
If it is started by normally user, it will be a personal shell extension. If it is started by administrator privileges, it will be all users shell extension.

At minimizing

Use taskbar instead of task notification area at minimizing


Misc settings.
Update check at startupCheck latest version and automatic update
Confirm before executingConfirming
Use MB/s instead of MiB/s notationUse MB/s instead of MiB/s notation (MB/s will be 4.8% greater than MiB/s)
Info Update SpanInformation Update Span can be specified.
Balloon Notification at the finishEnable balloon notification at the finish, if it is minimized.
Prevent auto sleep during copyingPrevent auto sleep(by OS) during copying.
(Note: If an error dialog is shown, FastCopy doesn't prevent auto sleep)
English UI(It has no effect in English OS) English UI mode will be set. In order for English UI to take effect, you need to restart FastCopy

Option → Font Settings → Change/Reset Main Font

Change/Reset Main information font in Main Window.
It is recommended to use fixed pitch font.

Option → Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode

Specify Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode(default: Auto).
CTL + K shortcut toggles between disk modes (auto → same → diff →...)


Select Post-Process.
Allows user to change default settings (sound, command, and standby/hibernate/shutdown) after copy process/execution is complete. Also, user can add new Post-Process settings.
Post-Process Window
ActionNameBy default, Normal/Standby/Hibernate/Shutdown are ready.
New actions can be created.
Play SoundPlay sound at finish
Only play, if error occurred option is available.
Execute commandSpecify commands at finish.
Execute at Always/no error/error" can be specified.
If "Wait for Finish" is checked, FastCopy won't execute standby/hibernate/shutdown until finishing commands.
Before executing to standby/hibernate/shutdown mode, FastCopy shows count down(60sec) dialog that has a "cancel" button.
If another FastCopy is running, FastCopy will wait for it to finish and start to count down.
GraceThe count-down time can be specified.
Don't execute, if error occurred.execute only if succeeded

Settings → Show Extended Filter

Show Extended Filter(timestamp/size filter)

Option → Swap Source ⇔ DestDir

Swap Source for DestDir (for mutual update or etc.).
Source/DestDir will be modified based on different behavior whether the end of DestDir character is '\' or not. (For example, If Source is "C:\AAA\BBB" and DestDir is "D:\CCC\", then Source becomes "D:\CCC\BBB" and DestDir becomes "C:\AAA\")
If Source has two or more files/directories, this menu item is disabled.
CTL+ALT+S is shortcut of this function.

Job Manage → Add/Del Job

Register/Restore parameters in main window as named job.
Add/Modify Add/Modify parameters in main window(Source/DestDir, Operation mode, Buffer size, Nonstop/Verify/Estimate/ACL/AltStream/Wipe&Delete/Filter checkboxes, Filter strings, HDD mode) as named job.
Delete Delete registered job.
Open "Windows Task Scheduler" Open "Windows Task Scheduler".
(Only shortcut. FastCopy doesn't have any function for windows task scheduler)

7. Command Line

A basic format is as follows.

FastCopy.exe [/options] file1 file2 ... [/to=dest_dir]

The separate character is space(' ') in command line mode. (not semicolon).
If filename contains space character, please enclose with double quotation marks.
Ex) fastopy.exe C:\Windows "C:\Program Files" /to="D:\Backup Folder\"
If /to= option is used, it must be described as the last parameter.
If you want to wait to finish, please use "start /wait ..." command.
Ex) start "" /wait FastCopy.exe [/options]...

Supported options are as follows. (Please do not put space characters before and behind "=")

  | diff
  | update
  | force_copy
  | sync
  | move
  | delete)
Specify operation mode. (By default, diff mode is used.
 If delete mode is specified, then "/to=desit_dir" is not used.)
cmdlinein GUI
noexist_onlyDiff (No Overwrite)
diffDiff (Size/date)
updateDiff (update)
force_copyCopy (Overwrite)
syncSync (Size/date)
moveMove (Overwrite)
/auto_closeClose automatically after execution is finished with no errors.
/force_closeClose automatically and forcibly after execution is finished.
/open_windowIt will not be stored in the task notification area.
/estimateEstimate complete time.(to disable, /estimate=FALSE)
/balloon(=FALSE)Show balloon notification at finish. (to disable, /balloon=FALSE)
/no_uiDialog box will not be shown. This is for background tasks. If /no_ui is used, /no_confirm_del /no_confirm_stop /force_close are set automatically. If FastCopy runs in session 0 (e.g. running with task scheduler), /no_ui is set automatically. However even if /no_ui is set, standby/hibernate/shutdown countdown dialog will not be prevented.
/no_confirm_delDon't confirm before deleting.
/no_confirm_stopDon't show error dialog, even if critical errors occur.
/no_execDon't start to execute.
/error_stopShow error dialog (and operation is interrupted), if an error occurs. (to disable, /error_stop=FALSE)
/bufsize=N(MB)Specify the size(MB) of the main buffer for Read/Write operation.
/logWrite the operation/errors information to the logfile(FastCopy.log). (to disable, /log=FALSE)
/logfile=filenameSpecify the filename of logfile.
/filelogWrite to the filelog(detail of copy/delete files). It is stored TIMESTAMP.log in FastCopy/Log directory. If using verify mode, write digest data as additional data. (To specify filelogname, /filelog=filename)
/utf8Write to the logfile using UTF-8 encoding (supports Unicode).
/skip_empty_dirSkip to create empty directories when /include or /exclude option is used. (to disable, /skip_empty_dir=FALSE)
/job=job_nameSpecify the job that is already registered.
/force_start(=N)Start at once without waiting for the finish of other FastCopy executing. (/force_start=2-N ... specify number of max parallel process)
/disk_mode=(auto|same|diff)Specify Auto/Same/Diff HDD mode. (default: Auto)
Specify speed control level.
/srcfile="files.txt"Specify source files by textfile with UTF-8. User is able to describe 1 filename per line. (Attention:We don't recommend specifying a lot of files
/srcfile_w="files.txt"same as "/srcfile=", except describing with UTF-16.
/include="..."Specify Include filter. (details)
/exclude="..."Specify Exclude filter. (details)
/from_dateSpecify oldest timestamp filter. (details)
/to_dateSpecify newest timestamp filter. (details)
/min_size="..."Specify minimum size filter. (details)
/max_size="..."Specify maximum size filter. (details)
/time_allow=N(ms)Specify tolerance timestamp difference(ms) as same date in Diff(Date/Size) or Diff(Newer).
/wipe_delRename filename and wipe(overwrite Random data) before deleting.
/aclCopy ACL/EA (only NTFS)(to disable, /acl=FALSE)
/streamCopy Alternate Stream (only NTFS) (to disable, /stream=FALSE)
/reparseCopy junction/mountpoint/symlink itself(to disable, /reparse=FALSE) (details)
/verifyVerify written files data by xxHash3(MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256/xxHash) (to disable, /verify=FALSE) (details)
/verifyinfoEnable VeriyInfo to the AltStream (:fc_verify) option (to disable, /veriyinfo=FALSE)
/linkdestReproduce hardlink as much as possible. (details)
/recreateChange updating behavior "overwrite the target" to "delete and recreate the target". (If /linkdest option is enabled, this option is enabled by default.) If you want always to enable, write [main] recreate=1 in FastCopy2.ini.
/postproc=action_nameSpecify post-process action name (to disable, /postproc=FALSE)
Ex) Copy C:\Test Folder to D:\Backup Folder by "diff(Size/Date)" mode is...
  FastCopy.exe /cmd=diff "C:\Test Folder" /to="D:\Backup Folder\"

Exit status code) Command is succeeded: 0, or failed: -1

8. Warning

In some modes, destination files that exist with the same filename in source directories, are overwritten forcibly without confirming.
In sync mode, destination files that do not exist with the same filename in source directories, are deleted forcibly without confirming.
In delete mode, target files and directories are deleted forcibly without confirming.

If FastCopy has bugs, there is a possibility of serious problems.
Please use at your own risk. (See 2. License)

9. Support Forum/Latest Version

10. Misc

The setting file(FastCopy2.ini) and log files are created in the following directory.
If FastCopy is installed to Program Files, these are created in C:\Users\(USER)\AppData\roaming\FastCopy\ (Menu File(F) → UserDir(U))
For other cases, these are created in the same directory as FastCopy.exe
Contact to the author.

If FastCopy terminated abnormally, fastcopy_exception.log is generated.
(Please send this file to the author, I will use it for quality improvement)

11. History

v3.91 At verifying with xxh3(xxHash3), SSE2/AVX2/AVX512 mode is automatically used depending on your CPU.
Change the default verify to xxh3 (faster than xxHash).
Add /time_allow=N(ms) option.
v3.90 Add xxHash3(128bit, v0.7.3) item for verify option
Add VerifyInfo option. (the AltStream(:fc_verify) that contains hash-value/copy-date/etc, it is added at completion of the verified copy)
Fixed an exception in 32bit ver. (v3.87-v3.89 only)
v3.89 Remove TopMost attribute of the Main Window. (v3.87-v3.88 only)
v3.88 Fixed an exception may occur when the privilege of the destination is insufficient.(v3.87 only)
v3.87 Add NetDrv(Network Drive) mode in the OS Cache settings.
Change compiler(VS2017 to VS2019).
v3.86 Add Reproduce hardlink option in the Copy/Move options of the settings dialog.
Add option of using MB/s instead of MiB/s (For example, if you want to match a CrystalDiskMark, use MB/s)
Fixes the 1113 error when specifying a file name that cannot be represented by MBCS in FAT-FS.(FindFirstFileExW API Problem)
v3.85 Fixed a rare exception when src was a remote drive.
v3.84 Fix sometimes missing stat/log near the last file. (vv3.83 only)
v3.83 Fixed a rare WaitForSingleObject Error at exit.
v3.82 Add non-exclusive open for Destination files option. (Copy/Move Option Settings).
v3.81 Add FileLogHistory item in the File Menu.
v3.80 Add absolute path mode in Include/Exclude filter.
Support Win10 LongPathAware. (It can be selected over MAX_PATH files/dirs in the FileDialog).
Fixed an issue that caused the process to stop in the same drive move mode. (v3.54 or later)
v3.70 Speed up delete/sync by multi-threading deletion processing. (More than twice faster via network)
v3.63 Fix error counter. (When a large file couldn't be written to dest, it was incorrectly counted twice)
Enable to load fastcopy2.ini that contains BOM.
v3.62 Extend ACL option. (Not only DACL but also SACL will be copied, if it is copied between the local NTFS/ReFS Drive with Admin mode)
v3.61 Fixed an issue that when ACL/AltStream is enabled, they are not copied correctly. (v3.60 only)
Fix Installer(Win7 or earlier)
v3.60 Add multi-threading for opening source files. (Big effect for network drive)
Fix to reflect timestamp for WevDAV(for OneDrive).
Prevent hardlink errors for non NTFS drive.
v3.53-v3.54 Speed control designation more accurately.
Slightly improved performance in the same HDD mode.
Fixed problem that shell extension does not work. (v3.53 only)
v3.52 Change hash default to xxHash.
xxHash 3 to 4 times faster verification calculation speed (Eliminate verification processing neck in 1 ~ 2 GB/s or more environment).
Add /SILENT options etc to the installer (check with /h option).
v3.51 Add verify error behavior option (deleting error-file instead renaming to .fc_verify_err).
Fix include/exclude filter problem. (if same dir and file names was specified in the filter, only last same name entry was enabled).
Misc refine.
v3.50 In the Source selection dialog, it can be selected files and dirs simultaneously.
Improved network drive performance by adaptively changing the I/O size and async I/O issue number.
(With a high latency network drive, it is twice or more faster than Explorer and older version)
When minimizing, if the icon is hidden in the task notification area, display it on the task bar.
Fixed the exit code did not become -1 on error.
Improve settings (add actions at minimized, shell extensions, etc.)
Change to 1 file installer and add "Expland" button to installer.
Output a dump at exception.
To be uninstallable via "application and function".
Represent the completion status in the color at the top of the icon.(Green: complete, red: error)
Changed the Official website to
v3.41 Modify I/O parameters and improve performance for network drive
Add update check at startup. (It can be changed in Settings → Misc)
Fix not to show copy mode option when delete mode is selected.
Reduce the occurrence of the"Not empty" error when directories are deleted. (OS is the cause)
Fix incorrect same/different drive judgement for the volume using two or more physical HDDs.
Misc refine.
v3.40 Add Update Check (Menu → Help → Check Update).
Support multi-line input in Source Edit Control.
Improve estimating precision. (Investigate not only source but also destination)
Change default action of Source button. (It shows FileSelection Dialog as default. It can be changed in Settings → Misc)
Support to enable/disable Large Fetch option. (Settings → I/O Settings)
v3.32 Fix an exception that occurred when opening the AboutDialog.
Fix to interpret BOM that is specified by /srcfile_w option.
v3.31 Increase initial main buffer size(x64:128MB → 256MB, x86:64MB → 128MB).
Increase maximum attributes buffer size (x64:1GB → 8GB).
Increase path buffer size for verify/move (x64:8MB → 128MB) and configurations can be made by fastcopy2.ini (max_movesize/max_digestsize).
Change setting tolerance of timestamp(ms) to 64bit (max 23days → unlimit).
Use NOBUFFERING flag even if it is a network file when the file is big.
Allow BOM in the specified files by /srcfile= or /srcfile_w= options.
Improve buffer separation policy.
Take a measure for DLL preload attack.
v3.30 Add xxHash option for verify.
Add file creation mode (experimental).
Fixed a problem that only the deepest filter was used if multiple filters with different depth were specified.
Fix same/diff network drive detection.
Misc refine.
Old versions summary (detail information is this)
- v3.27
Overlapped I/O, Relative path filter, Optimize for parallel running, Change license to GPLv3
Support UserMode(not Admin) Shell Extension.
Improve speed for listing directory entries. (using FIND_FIRST_EX_LARGE_FETCH for high-latency environment or huge number of directory entries)
Add SHA-256 to Verify Mode
v2.00 JobMng, Interpret Symlink, Simple compare, ACL/AltStrem, Speed Control
v1.001.00 release (2005/03/10)
v0.50First alpha release (2004/09/27)