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FastCopy ver 3.92

The Fastest Copy/Backup Software on Windows

Last Update: 2020/08/02
Download v3.92 (2020/08/02)
(for 32bit/64bit)
from WindowsForest
from Vector
(The source code release is temporarily suspended)

(*) If you need the archive version,
    please use the "Extract" button in the installer.

  1. FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Backup Software on Windows
  2. It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH (260 characters) file pathnames.
  3. Because it uses multi-threads for Read/Write/Verify, Overlapped I/O, Direct I/O, so it brings out the best speed of devices.
  4. It supports Include/Exclude filter like a UNIX wildcard.
  5. It runs fast and does not hog resources, because MFC is not used. (Designed using Win32 API and C Runtime only)
Help and License

Ref) FastCopy vs Explorer network transfer
(10Gbps NIC、10GB file transfer)
Speed Graph (12ms latency environment)

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